Serenity's Christmas

Serenity is 5 months old. She was a great model. Settings with my Canon 5D were: 1/60 at f/11 with a 70mm focal length. ISO 100 with Novatron lights.

Relaxed Bride-reposted (Process 1)

Page O'Brien modeled for me in the RCC Portrait Bay 1 for this bridal portrait. I used 4 photogenic lights with a softbox on the main light. Settings: 1/60 at f/11 with Canon 5D

Process #3

Family portrait with my Canon5D, 3 Novatron lights and bounce boards, 1/60 @f/11 in home studio on 100 ISO and a 28-70mm lens at 50mm.

Maternity #2

Brooke was photographed at my studio with the same settings as Josh and Holly. I used an artistic filter in photoshopto give it a different look.

Process #2 Maternity

Holly and Josh are expecting their first baby in eight weeks. This session was taken at my home using 4 novatron lights. Main light was at f11. 5 and the fill light was f8. The Canon 5D setting was ISO100 at 1/60 at f/13.


Summer and Canden are total opposites as most sisters are, but actively and peacefully work out their differences. The location photo was photographed with my Canon 5D, 100 ISO at 1/100 at f/9 with a focal length of 92mm and a Canon 580ex 1/32 fill. The studio portrait was taken in the RCC studio using 3 lights. Settings were 100 ISO, 50mm focal length and f/200 at f/13. I used the 200 speed because of movement.


This was one of the engagement assignments we had. Canon 5D, 1/60 at f/11 with 3 novatron lights.

Drake:Portrait portfolio

This is Drake. He is my 2 year old lab. He loves to come into my studio to watch, so I used him as a model. This was photographed at 1/60 at f/11 with 3 novatron lights using umbrellas. I used a Canon 5D and a 40mm lens sigma lens.

Mock Wedding

Nov.1 the portrait class had a simulated "mock" wedding to give us experience photographing weddings and creating album layouts. These are two of the pages in my album. The bridesmaids were photographed at 1/60 at f/7.1 using ISO800 inside the church with flash white balance and 42mm focal length. I used my Canon 5D, 580ex flash and a sigma lens. Outside, I changed my ISO to 100 to photograph the couple at 1/200 at f/4.5 using a 70mm focal length , auto white balance and a flash fill.

Jena on Location-Portrait

This is Jena on location at the Sandhills Gardens in S. Pines, NC. We took a walk through the gardens and got some candid shots to reflect her personality. I asked her not to put that hat on and ( as her nature would have it...she put it on for me). The first portrait in the flowers was shot with a Canon 5D at 300mm focal length lens at 1/50 at f/11 The one with her sitting on the walkway over a creek was at 100 ISO, 1/60 at f/4, auto white balance and using a Canon 580ex for a slight fill flash.

Jena in Studio

Jena is a busy 2 year old who did not stay still for a moment. She is climbing out of this chair we had her in. So I just tried to capture her expressions not worrying about movement. This portrait was done in the RCC studio with photogenic lights. The Canon 5D was at 1/60 at f/13 with an ISO of 200 (due to her movement)

Autumn Bride

This is one of my full length bridal portraits of Hannah, who volunteered to model in her sister's gown. I shot this at 5:50 before the time changed. The light was really nice behind her. I used the 580ex flash to give some fill light to her since she was in a shady area. The trees were perfect that day. I shot at 1/60 a t f/5. 6.

Exhausted Dancer

Olivia is a very special four year old who came to my home studio for some portraits. We started with a simple headshot. We were able to get some shots of her with her mother, but then let her go to let her personality show. She loves to dance and her stuffed rabbit so we just let her do what she does. Her energy was challenging, but her natural expressions and personality was captured in "time" for mom to cherish forever. She crashed on the floor exhausted (and I wanted to join her) and I took a candid shot of that as well. I am showing the more serious images. I used 3 Novatron lights with umbrellas (main, fill bounced and kicker). I used my Canon 5D at f/13 at 1/60 shutter speed. When her speed picked up I increased the shutter speed to 1/200 to avoid blur.

Relaxed Bride

ISO 100 F/11 at 1/60 shutter speed Canon 5D 100 focal length

Bridal Overview

This is the way we were set up for most of the images taken in this session. This one was more relaxed. It was taken at the same settings stated in the other picture. I am lowering the main light to get catch lights in her eyes. The fill lights bounce off the wall behind the camera. You can see the two lights in the back which are hairlight and background light.

Bridal Portrait:Page O'Brien

Page modeled as a bride in the RCC
studio. I used a soft box, hair light,
main and fill lights. I shot at ISO 100
with my Canon 5D. I used f/11 for the
f stop and 1/60 for the shutter speed.
The lens was at 100.

Covenant Prayer: Toni modeled as a bride for a bridal portrait. I set this up in my upstairs studio on 100 ISO using my Canon 5D and 3 Novatron lights. My settings were f11@ 1/60. I like the look of prayer in the portrait since I believe marriage should be entered into prayerfully. I think it empowers a reverant mood....which marriage IS. (although Toni is not even dating, she certainly agreed)


Serene: This is my son, Dr. Jason Clewis, and
his wife, Erin. They were photographed
at Randolph Community College, Studio
Bay 2. I used my Canon 5D with a 100mm
lens. I shot at f11 1/60 on 100 ISO and photogenic
lights. The mood is intimate and serene...a moment of love