Digital Photograph with Canon 5D Mark II

Oil Painting of the photograph

Let Clewis Photography paint FINE ART images for your home decor.

People are saying that my neice, Jenna, looks like me when I was her age. I actually believe she does. That was when I use to be CUTE. LOL. Her grandmother said I should post my image beside hers. If I can find it, I might do that to see what others think. She really looks like her dad....when HE was cute.

Jenna loved pushing the baby carriage and rocking her baby. Next time she visits I promised her she could ride a tricycle and have a tea party. I can't wait! Children make me feel so young.

Jenna at Four

Jenna is my neice from Laurinburg. She stayed with me this week and we played dress up in front of the camera. She really is great at playing dress up and seems to enjoy the camera.
I think four year olds love the attention the camera gives them. It was great fun for us both.