This is sweet baby Macey. She is the apple of her daddy's eye. Macey is three weeks old and did not like my studio lights, but sure loves the comfort of her daddy. These are the moments in time that you never get back. She is only three weeks old once...and oh, how precious she is.

Ashlyn and Ethan

Just a few from a wonderful session with Ashlyn and her baby brother.

Olivia's Tea Party

Olivia had a tea party with the bear. She decided she did not like the feathery scarf around her.

Nothin Better Than Babies

Consider a panel of your baby's body parts. They are special "Moments in Time" that a mom will never forget.

Ryan's Anointing

Ryan is a budding musician who plays the guitar in his church. I photographed him in my studio with 3 Novatron lights, Canon 5D and several different backgrounds.

Forever Yours

Rockingham,NC wedding. Clewis Photography Blog. Mark and Amy were married this month. This was the engagement portrait. They live on a horse farm which was the theme of their wedding. It was raining during this particular photograph. My husband held an umbrella over me and my camera. (I don't think Mark and Amy knew they were getting wet.)

Carlie' Easter

Babies are tough but are my favorite. I want to create a relaxing atmosphere for moms to bring their babies in and enjoy being creative. This was done in my studio with novatron lights and my Canon 5D.

Amanda Grant

Amanda Wright was photographed for her bridal portrait. Her wedding was Sat. May 26. This image was taken with my Canon 5D at 1/60 at f/11 .


Becka was photographed with a Canon 5D, 2 novatron and 2 speedatron lights, at 1/60 shutter speed, f/13 at 100 ISO.


This is Rhonda Lester of Memory Lane Portraits in Archdale, NC. I was her intern for eight weeks. She allowed me to photograph her for a news release concerning her participation in the Photographers of NC convention in Raleigh. She specializes in children, babies and family portraits and is an inspiration to me since that is also what I prefer to specialize in.

Horse Whisperer

These were a few images taken from the multimedia project last week. Our assignment was to create a soundslide portrait interview using images, music and ambient sound. Johnny Woodard is a national NBA farrier and competitor who trains horses and people to barrel race.

Bridal Portfolio

Canon 5D, 28-70 mm lens, 40mm focal length, 1/60 shutter speed, f/11 aperture and 100 ISO in the portrait bay 1. Page modeled for me early in the semester. These were a few I did not use until now.

Johnny Woodard's Cat

Canon 5D, 1000 ISO (in a barn), 1/200 shutter speed at F/5.6 with 258mm focal length. This was one of the pet portraits I did this past week. Since it was a farm there were many many pets. I had a good time with several choices.


One of four images that I am entering in the PPNC competition in March. ISO 400, 250 at f/11. (200 mm focal length) This was a photojourn project last semester. Firemen were burning a house down as part of their excercise training. This was the assistant chief and an instructor coming out of the lower level of the house as it was engulfed in flames. This photo was entered in the Professional Photographers of NC at the state convention in Raleigh and won a merit, first place in the photojournalism category and the loan collection for PPNC.

Process #4- Gina

Our next assignment was to photograph a high school senior or senior citizen. (I did both.)The process set up was first set up for standing poses. I then lowered the lights and Gina sat on the floor for a more relaxed portrait. ISO 100, Focal length 70 mm, shutter speed 1/60 at f/14. Three novatron lights were used in my home studio. I had to turn the kicker light toward the wall and bounce it.

Portrait of Senior Citizens_Process #5

My parents willingly volunteered to be photographed in the RCC studio for my senior citizen assignment. Canon 5D, Speedatron lights, 100 ISO, 1/60 at f/10 with 70mm focal length.

Amanda at Sunset

Evening light on location with Canon 5D and 580 EX flash with an amber filter on the flash and Indian Summer Nik filter in photoshop. ISO 100, f/30 at f 4.5, 149mm focal length. I should have been higher up so the horizon line was not around her face.

Erika's Red Box

Erika wanted a photo in white and red to match her bedroom. I wish I had her stretch her neck over her right shoulder showing the contour of her neck in a profile, but these worked out okay. Erika was photographed in the same dance session. Shutter Speed-1/200, f/stop f/11, 38mm focal length with ISO100.

Process #2 Dancers

This session was just for fun. We truly did have fun! We played music and the dancers danced. I stepped back too far placing my camera behind the fill light, which created flare. I thought it would ruin the few photos I took, but I actually liked the effect. It looked like they were dancing on stage which glare from stage lights. I turned the color temp down to get the blue effect in the raw window. Then bumped up the saturation on the dresses. I used the RCC studio Bay 2, Canon5D, IS0 100, 1/320 at f/11. Focal length was 38mm.I changed the color of the red box in one photo to match the dress.