Erika's Red Box

Erika wanted a photo in white and red to match her bedroom. I wish I had her stretch her neck over her right shoulder showing the contour of her neck in a profile, but these worked out okay. Erika was photographed in the same dance session. Shutter Speed-1/200, f/stop f/11, 38mm focal length with ISO100.

Process #2 Dancers

This session was just for fun. We truly did have fun! We played music and the dancers danced. I stepped back too far placing my camera behind the fill light, which created flare. I thought it would ruin the few photos I took, but I actually liked the effect. It looked like they were dancing on stage which glare from stage lights. I turned the color temp down to get the blue effect in the raw window. Then bumped up the saturation on the dresses. I used the RCC studio Bay 2, Canon5D, IS0 100, 1/320 at f/11. Focal length was 38mm.I changed the color of the red box in one photo to match the dress.

Process #1-Baby Carlie

I placed the baby on the beanbag which was on a table. Her mom stood by to make sure she did not make any sudden moves. We did not expect any since she was only a few weeks old. She was looking at her mom. I wish I had moved mom over some so the baby would look more at the camera, but she started crying and that ended the session.

Baby Carlie

Home studio with Canon5D and Novatron Lights. ISo 100,1/60 at f/10. Light was a bit flatter than I wanted.

Family Portrait

Assignment: Family Portrait in Home Location. Novatron Lights were taken into their home set at 1/60 at f/11 . The family sat on a large chair in front of their fireplace. Canon 5D camera was used.

Awaiting Santa

Location session using Novatron Lights, 28-70mm lens, and my Canon 5D. Settings: First post was 1/30 @ f/5.6 with 28mm focal length. Second post was 1/15@ f/9 on 100 ISO. 64mm focal length


Canden was photographed late afternoon at the Sandhills Community College Botanical Gardens in Pinehurst, NC. My Canon 5D, ISO 200 at f/5.6 with fill flash using 210 mm lens was used.