This is MY baby. Don't know what I'd do without his company. He loves to crawl up in my lap like a little pup, even though he is about 90 lbs at age 4. Our pets are like our children.


Maggie is a perfect pet subject. She is very well trained and follows directions. She might have been a bit in wonder about what the lights were all about, but she handled the strange event beautifully. Once in a while I am lucky enough to get to pet sit Maggie. My lab, Drake just loves the company. I don't see her too often, but she is a treasure when I do.

Waiting for the Master

My lab anxiously awaits his best friend. Of course, his best friend is also my best husband.

This shirt Cade is wearing is how we found out he was here. Grace and Brandon wrapped it up in a box for our Christmas gift. I cried when I opened it up. Now he is wearing it. He looks like he will fight for his grandparents, doesn't it?

Cade with mom and dad

Introducing Cade Clewis

Grace allowed me to do a panoramic portrait series of her nine month process of pregnancy. Each month we did an image similar to this one. We showed her nine month progression with this image at the end. The process was worth it all, wasn't it, Grace?

Proud Parents

Our First Grand Baby

What a beautiful baby boy. This is Cade. We are all so intrigued with Cade. Yes, I will be taking a million phogographs of him! These were taken at his home using a velvet cloth with Brandon, his father, holding him. Soooooo tiny.

Hannah's Senior Year

Senior sessions are so much fun. The seniors are usually very patient, creative and excited about their session. We truly enjoy ourselves.


This is drake. My husband bought him for me when I was battling cancer to help me through it and keep my mind on the new baby in the home. Now, three years later, I am cancer free and we are now expecting our first grandbaby any day...a new baby in the home. Of course this new baby does not live with us so Drake is still mamas baby.

Hinson Lake in the Fall

A walk around Hinson Lake in the fall can be breath-taking. This was a Sunday afternoon stroll.

Destiny by default

Looks like Asa is destined to be a fireman. I love it when parents want to be creative. The name Asa in the Bible belonged to an anointed King. Who knows, he may rule his territory.
Be patient with me right now, folks. In the meantime check my blog out periodically. Feel free to leave comments.

Evan at Six months

Evan was fun to work with. He studied me during most of the session. Once he got comfortable with me he started smiling. I like the innocent, more serious expressions anyway, but mamas like smiles.

I am having a blast with children and families. I just never know what cute expressions I will capture. So many people are asking for the black background, especially in black and white.