Hannah's Senior Year

Senior sessions are so much fun. The seniors are usually very patient, creative and excited about their session. We truly enjoy ourselves.


This is drake. My husband bought him for me when I was battling cancer to help me through it and keep my mind on the new baby in the home. Now, three years later, I am cancer free and we are now expecting our first grandbaby any day...a new baby in the home. Of course this new baby does not live with us so Drake is still mamas baby.

Hinson Lake in the Fall

A walk around Hinson Lake in the fall can be breath-taking. This was a Sunday afternoon stroll.

Destiny by default

Looks like Asa is destined to be a fireman. I love it when parents want to be creative. The name Asa in the Bible belonged to an anointed King. Who knows, he may rule his territory.
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