I love horses ! I miss the horses we had for years. We used to barrel race and trail ride all the time. Our first horse for Brandon, my youngest son, was an arabian that looks like this painting I did. His name was Powder. He was a bit green. Brandon was the only one he would not throw off. The rest of our horses were better trained. Thank God. WHen we sold our horses it was very painful. It felt like selling one of our children. I hated it but we got to where we just did not have time to ride and train anymore. They need that. I did not want them being pasture horses only so we sold them to barrel racers who would keep them active. SURE do miss our horses. We had three.

Professional Photographers of NC Convention

The PPNC Convention is held every year in Raleigh, NC the first week of March. I was honored to serve on the Committee this year. I was also honored to serve as a speaker and committee chair of the day. It let me know how much work it takes behind the scenes to make it all work. The competition prints were mostly displayed as digital files displayed on a screen, but there were still many prints mounted for display. We had a party night with a band playing beach music and a Saturday Night Live theme for those who wanted to be crazy and dress up as one of the characters. (I was one of four Sprockets). The instructors chosen to speak were the best we have had in years, in my opinion. The classes were so motivating. I was honored to introduce Jeremy Sutton, an international painter who did an awesome presentation.

I entered on the fly this year, but two images merited. One of the two, "Who are YOU Looking At?" also won second place and was selected to be displayed in the Traveling Loan Collection for 2012 on the PPNC website. It is also printed in the Carolina Photographer Magazine.

If any of you are aspiring photographers and are wanting to learn more about photography, I encourage you to join PPNC. Go to the www.ppofnc.com website and join. You will not regret it. There are four guilds a year and the state convention. They also have a summer school called the East Coast School. (which I won a scholarship to participate in this summer). They give you a list of master photographers to study under that you choose from.

Maggie at Sunset

Maggie and Todd were at the beach when he saw how beautiful the light was on her so he got the shot with his cell phone and showed it to his wife, Sherri. She commissioned me to paint it for Todd. I enjoyed it so much. I hope they enjoy this painting for a lifetime.

Lil TuTu's

These two sisters allowed me to photograph them in tutu's. We had a great time playing "Dress Up" !! Allison is two and her sister, Lindsay, is seven from Rockingham, NC. We so enjoyed our time together. They look like little princesses. While they changed to a different outfit, I changed the background to white to show off the bright colors of their tutu's and took all the flowers out. When Allison came back into the studio, she said, "WOW, how did you DO that !" , in amazement and wonderment. She sat on the white backdrop and said.."SOoooo cool !". Moments like that make my day. She was just spellbound by a simple change of scenery.