Horse Whisperer

These were a few images taken from the multimedia project last week. Our assignment was to create a soundslide portrait interview using images, music and ambient sound. Johnny Woodard is a national NBA farrier and competitor who trains horses and people to barrel race.

Bridal Portfolio

Canon 5D, 28-70 mm lens, 40mm focal length, 1/60 shutter speed, f/11 aperture and 100 ISO in the portrait bay 1. Page modeled for me early in the semester. These were a few I did not use until now.

Johnny Woodard's Cat

Canon 5D, 1000 ISO (in a barn), 1/200 shutter speed at F/5.6 with 258mm focal length. This was one of the pet portraits I did this past week. Since it was a farm there were many many pets. I had a good time with several choices.


One of four images that I am entering in the PPNC competition in March. ISO 400, 250 at f/11. (200 mm focal length) This was a photojourn project last semester. Firemen were burning a house down as part of their excercise training. This was the assistant chief and an instructor coming out of the lower level of the house as it was engulfed in flames. This photo was entered in the Professional Photographers of NC at the state convention in Raleigh and won a merit, first place in the photojournalism category and the loan collection for PPNC.

Process #4- Gina

Our next assignment was to photograph a high school senior or senior citizen. (I did both.)The process set up was first set up for standing poses. I then lowered the lights and Gina sat on the floor for a more relaxed portrait. ISO 100, Focal length 70 mm, shutter speed 1/60 at f/14. Three novatron lights were used in my home studio. I had to turn the kicker light toward the wall and bounce it.

Portrait of Senior Citizens_Process #5

My parents willingly volunteered to be photographed in the RCC studio for my senior citizen assignment. Canon 5D, Speedatron lights, 100 ISO, 1/60 at f/10 with 70mm focal length.

Amanda at Sunset

Evening light on location with Canon 5D and 580 EX flash with an amber filter on the flash and Indian Summer Nik filter in photoshop. ISO 100, f/30 at f 4.5, 149mm focal length. I should have been higher up so the horizon line was not around her face.