Serenity's Christmas

Serenity is 5 months old. She was a great model. Settings with my Canon 5D were: 1/60 at f/11 with a 70mm focal length. ISO 100 with Novatron lights.

Relaxed Bride-reposted (Process 1)

Page O'Brien modeled for me in the RCC Portrait Bay 1 for this bridal portrait. I used 4 photogenic lights with a softbox on the main light. Settings: 1/60 at f/11 with Canon 5D

Process #3

Family portrait with my Canon5D, 3 Novatron lights and bounce boards, 1/60 @f/11 in home studio on 100 ISO and a 28-70mm lens at 50mm.

Maternity #2

Brooke was photographed at my studio with the same settings as Josh and Holly. I used an artistic filter in photoshopto give it a different look.

Process #2 Maternity

Holly and Josh are expecting their first baby in eight weeks. This session was taken at my home using 4 novatron lights. Main light was at f11. 5 and the fill light was f8. The Canon 5D setting was ISO100 at 1/60 at f/13.